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Searching for New or Used Car Body Forks, Loose Forks, Replacement Forks,Grapples, Buckets or Used Equipment? Bud Roberts Company, Inc. is the place to call with over 45 years experience in the salvage industry! They have the information, service and knowledge you need to get the job done! World class selection, Service and Value! Give us a Call TODAY! 1-800-955-8288

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Words from our customers...

Bud, was great to work with and the quality of craftsmanship was excellent. Top notch customer support.
Brian Stutesman Avatar
Brian Stutesman
I have bought 5-6 sets of forks and many loader tires from bud over the last 15 years. Easy to do business with and a great guy. Highly recommend them if you need the equipment he sells.
Brian S Avatar
Brian S
They have supplies my business with multiple sets of forks. They are great! And he is great and easy to do business with.
Josh Morrow Avatar
Josh Morrow
We probably have been running with Bud Roberts Company Forks for 20 years or longer. We switched to Bud after being very dissatisfied with the “other guys” loader forks. Looking out my window I see three sets working in our yard moving cars and loading the crusher this very moment. Over the years we have really done a lot of heavy lifting and dished out some extreme abuse to Bud’s forks and we’ve never damaged a fork carriage or bent any of the fork tines. Every set has always fit our machines perfectly right off the truck. Some of them were pin on designs and some were coupler designs. A couple years ago I bought a new set of tines from Bud and welded them in place of the old worn down ones on a 15 year old set of forks. After grinding the old welds the new tines fit right in the pockets perfectly. Bud Roberts is a great guy to do business with. He is truly a man of his word. I look forward to the day we can do business once again!
Jeff Wojtylko Avatar
Jeff Wojtylko
Excellent guy to work with very happy with my forks
John Stephen Avatar
John Stephen
We have 3 locations here in Michigan, all of our locations have at least 2 sets of Bud Roberts Forks and we couldnt be happier. You can probably find a cheaper fork from china, but you will not find a better fork in the states! Great company. US Auto Supply, Detroit US Auto of Sterling Heights US Auto of Wayne
Kevin Johnston Avatar
Kevin Johnston
I bought what supposed to be crushing forks for 7200.00 . I paid 4500.00 up front with balance paid when I get forks . They were not crushing forks . Bud Roberts would not make them rite so I didn’t pay and he turned me in to collection and got 5500.00 more to keep off my credit. So I would be very careful when you order from him to be exactly what you want. So I have 12700.00 in forks that I can’t use for crushing forks . Thanks Bud Roberts Forks .
William Lee Avatar
William Lee

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